Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Going Well

Things are going well. Cora is a week old today. Her jaundice is going away, she's nursing very well, she's a happy baby, her brother is taking to her, her daddy is completely smitten, and things are generally together here at home.

I've been getting a good amount of sleep at night, too. She's up twice to feed, sometimes 3 times. Usually after 2 am, she's pretty awake and won't settle down in her bassinet. So, I end up co-sleeping with her. I am not a co-sleeping advocate, and it doesn't help that my state is putting forth an anti-co-sleeping campaign, so some relatives are rather worried. I will co-sleep if I have to to preserve personal and household sanity, but I'd much rather curl up in bed with hubby than with a tiny infant.

While I recognize the benefits of co-sleeping and many times enjoy it, I guess I'm a little greedy to get back in my own bed because I couldn't sleep comfortably in my own bed all during my pregnancy. Co-sleeping with the baby in my bed is out of the question because I can't do it comfortably or safely.

Also, co-sleeping to nurse isn't happening. As soon as she's in my arms, she's out and will sleep without nursing for hours and hours. She's still young, though. It's amazing how fast they grow and learn. I still see my little newborn, but in just a short time, she'll be out of that newborn stage.

As for my health, I'm doing well, remarkably well. I often have to remind myself to take it easy. It's amazing how fast recovery is from labor when it's short and there was no episiotomy.

Well, I can hear my son making all sorts of noise, so I best be off.


Mrs. M said...

I understand personal preference for not wanting to co-sleep but why in the world does the state feel the need to get involved into someone's personal choice about co-sleeping. Aren't there other issues more important?

Statistics show that the majority of accidents caused by co-sleeping involves a parent who is usually incoherent due to drug or alchol use.

I've co-slept with all 5 of my children and there has never been any close calls.

Bethgem said...

Oh Kate!!! She looks so much like your husband!

I'm so thrilled to hear that things are going well.