Thursday, June 12, 2008

Healthier me

It's a good thing God granted me an easy delivery and a fast recovery. I can't wait the full 6 weeks until I start an aerobics program. Last night, I had a dizzy spell. That means I have too much inflammation in my body. I need to get the blood flowing, keep hydrated, and cut out sugars and most salt. The weather is nice, so I can start going for walks.


Mimi said...

With babies in tow, I'm sure! So lovely!

Dawn said...

Hope you start feeling better.

Walking is a great way to start!

Hope you all have a very blessed weekend!


Elena said...

Janie doesn't like spinach so she eats it every day and launches campaigns against spinach farmers to have it banned and boycotted. She harrasses spinach farmers, calling them and telling them to stop and that they should grow something else to eat because she doesn't like spinach and to stop "forcing" her to eat it.

I this is a closer analogy. Maxine loves spinach and so does Betty. But Betty also likes broccoli. Maxine has never had broccoli, but she's hears about it!! and she's read a lot about it from people who don't like broccoli and won't use it in their recipes!

And no matter how much scientific evidence Betty finds on the nutritional benefits of broccoli, or how many tasty recipes she presents to Maxine, Maxine will not be swayed to even concede that broccoli might just be a healthy vegetable too!

Congratulations on the new baby! May she be a happy vegetable eater!!
: )

Saved Sinner said...

Wow congratulations. Last time I was here you had just found out she was a girl and I think you had written some analysis of Bob the Builder which I found helpful. I will be praying you continue to recover well.