Thursday, June 05, 2008

To Co-Sleep or Not

Outside pressures took their toll on me last night. I didn't want to co-sleep with my daughter. I want to be in my own bed. I want my mom to stop worrying. I want all those nay-sayers to shut-up. So, I told my daughter, "I am not sleeping with you tonight!" After 4 hours of dealing with an over-tired baby, I caved and we both slept so well!

Truth is, I don't want to co-sleep. Fact is, it's pretty much a given if mom is nursing and wants to get some sleep at night. Of course, I take every precaution, and I try to soothe her in her bassinet before finally curling up with her.

She's not even 2 weeks old, yet. She needs me. Besides, while I'd rather wake up to a handsome, bearded face in the morning, it is rather nice to wake up to the tiny, beautiful features of my daughter happily snoozing in the crook of my arm. In a short time, though it seems long now, I will be back in bed with hubby. For now, I'm going to stop stressing and start enjoying the small time I have with my newborn.

After all, she's already over a week old, her cord stump already fell out, and Bubby is already over 2 years old!


Mrs. M said...

No need to stress! Just enjoy the time with your newborn. I've co-slept with all of my children and I never planned it that way, it just seemed like the only common sense way I was going to get the rest I needed with a nursing baby. A rested mother = a happy baby..... problem solved no body has the grumpies!

It's funny when we had our first child my husband wasn't big on the baby in bed with us but by the time our 5th was born he said he prefers it that way. He tells me that they just need to be with their mommy, to feel safe and secure and loved.

Anonymous said...

This stage will be over soon....I feel the same way, I hate to co-bed with my babies. I get so jealous for my husband. I'm glad you are able to get some sleep though. I will pray for you.

a suburban housewife said...

Relax!! The fact of the matter is, all those who tell you what you should and should not do don't live in your household with your responsibilities! Obviously, you can't apply this reasoning to every situation, but we're not talking about sin issues here! In reality, you will be more rested in these early days doing what you are doing. Ironically enough, I'm telling you this as one who would hyperventilate at the thought of co-sleeping with my first ones. With my last two babies, however, I realized that there are safety precautions one can take and still sleep quite comfortably!

Blessings to you and your sweet family :)

KitKat said...

I never co-slept with our first baby. She just wasn't that kind of kid. She slept perfectly from the start. Then my second little girl came along and she had completely different needs. We co-slept until she was almost 5 months old - until it got to the point that it was affecting both of our sleep negatively instead of positively. I felt exactly the way that you do. I wanted my marriage bed to be just for hubby and I. But the time did pass rather quickly and before I knew it my tiny little baby could sleep all by herself. (ALthough it took some work to get her to sleep alone for the first few nights in her crib because she was USED to sleeping next to me but DH and I were keeping her from sleeping properly after a few months. So I strongly recommend that you be prepared for that possibility.) This is just a short season in your life, and you sound like you are listening to your "mothering insticts" very, very well. You have to do what is best for you and your new little baby and only YOU can really make that decision. :)

Take care and God Bless!!