Friday, April 04, 2008

Reducing Disposables

It takes at least an extra 24 hours to fill up my kitchen garbage pail now that I've cut back on disposables. I'm much more apt to grab a rag than a papertowel. I'm more likely to wet a washcloth than grab a wipie. I've also completely given up those disposable cloths for the Swiffer sweeper. Boy, does this save money!

Back when hubby and I lived in the single wide mobile home, I bought one of those handy little mops that you can buy those wet cloths to attach to it and mop your floors. Well, I soon learned that even in my tiny trailer, it would take two or three of those cloths to do the bathroom alone! They weren't all that cheap, either. So, I moved to papertowels attached to it and a squirt bottle. Still, it was a waste of money and not good for the garbage heap. So, when one of my towels became too torn up to use after a shower, I cut it up into appropriate sized pieces to attach to my mop. It works great! When I'm done, I toss the cloth into the laundry, wash it and get it ready for next time. It's also much more sanitary than sponge or yarn mops.

PS...Check out my All Things Feminine Blog for my 30 week belly pic! It's funny, though. I'm only 5'2", I wear a size 2 maternity jeans and size small maternity tops, yet when I step on the scale, I'm 150lbs!!! I can't believe it.

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