Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Disposable Diaper Deals

I buy Walmart's Parent's Choice disposable diapers (I only cloth diaper part-time). Of course, I want to get the most for my money when it comes to disposable diapers. They can really rack up a monthly grocery bill!

Here's what I discovered about the different packs of size 4 Parent's Choice disposable diapers:

I used to buy the big box, thinking I was saving money by buying in bulk. It turns out that the big box of 92 diapers actually costs the most at approx. 22 cents per diaper.

Lately, I've been buying the smallest pack simply because I'm trying not to overspend each week. They're a better deal at 32 diapers per pack and approx. 19 cents per diaper.

HOWEVER, I found that the pack of 64 diapers actually rings up the cheapest at 17 cents per diaper!!

I know which one I'll be buying from now on!

Also, I'm keeping an eye on good deals, double coupons and savings between now and when I give birth so I can stock up on diapers for my daughter and significant savings. I was completely blown away by the amount of diapers Bubby went through in a day when he was a newborn. I don't plan on cloth diapering until at the very least 6 weeks post-partum, but it'll probably be more like 6 months.

And for my "green" tip for diapering....if you've got a little squirter on your hands (Bubby was really good at letting loose as soon as I had the diaper off), have a cloth diaper, towel, washcloth, or burp cloth handy to catch that fountain. I usually grabbed the diaper I was going to put on Bubby and ended up throwing it out and grabbing another diaper. That's a bit of a waste....not only money, but for our landfills, too.


Dawn said...

Have you ever checked out Sam's Club or Costco's prices on diapers?
I know you would probably get 200 or more (don't really know, just estimating)and maybe that would be cheaper esp. with this new baby on the way?!?

Kate said...

I don't have a Sam's Club or Costco anywhere near me.

Eric said...

The Kroger Brand Diaper -- Comforts works the same as Parents Choice. Buy the Kroger Complete for Overnight -- best value for your money.

Kelly said...

I bought a Baby Bjorn "little potty" and would hold my baby over that after taking the diaper off. Then I just rinsed it out. I'm not into the diaperless thing, but I found using some of their tips here or there really helpful.

Once my babies can sit up by themselves, I just sit them on the little potty while I'm making up the new cloth diaper. At a little over a year, I try sitting them on it right after nap, or lunch, when I think they need to go potty. I think it makes potty training go a little more smoothly, and a little faster (but still around 2, in my experience).