Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conserving Oil, Today's Tasks

Now that hubby has let the outdoor wood boiler burn off, we've switched back to our oil furnance (our hot water heater isn't electic, it runs off either the wood boiler or the oil boiler). Of course, with oil prices being pathetic, I really have to make sure I make it last. I've turned down the thermostat and am doing laundry in cold and warm only, no hot, and I'm doing all my rinsing in cold water.

It's funny how everyone says we have to cut back on our consumption of gasoline. While this may be true (I think there's a lot of hooey going on with the oil industry) no one seems to be talking about reducing the use of petrolium-based products like plastic bags. How much oil would we save if more products, especially food products, were packaged in glass, crocks, or waxed paper? After all, foods in plastic aren't necessarily healthy.

My brother found a dairy not too far from him that sells milk in glass bottles. He says the combination of fresh from the farm milk and the glass packaging make the milk taste phenomenal!

If you're looking to cut back oil consumption and simply can't drive any less, consider the petroleum-based products in your house. They market non-petroleum dishsoaps now at decent prices. You can reuse containers or utilize waxed paper rather than using ziplock baggies. Just a few ideas.

Today, I managed to clean out the walk-in closet in the nursery. I also raked out my garden. Now, I just have to wait for the manure and rototiller. I also had to do some advertising for a re-enactor thing and print out some business cards. Tonight's dinner is in the crockpot: hot turkey sandwich filling! I'll slice some rolls and heat up some veggies. I'm also thinking of making a mixed berry pie! Yum!


Elena said...

Greetings Lady Scott,

I wish you had an e-mail address but I could not find one. You seem like a kind, gentle and fair woman. I just wanted to express to you that as a Catholic, I do not hate or attack Candy personally for her posts. We do however defend our faith from her misrepresentations and lies. We only wish to have the other side of her arguments known and read. I don't think the way to show "love" to a group of people you are trying to witness to is to put your hands over your ears and keep talking! which in essence is what she does.

I would invite you to just take into consideration that you are only reading one side of these arguments. And of course you are welcome to comment and visit my blog at any time.


LadiesoftheHouse said...

Great ideas Kate--thanks for posting them. I agree the oil industry is up to no good and I am all for finding ways to eliminate them from our lives if possible.