Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gardens, Motherhood Musings

Today, I asked hubby what color scheme should go in the beautiful stone wall garden he built me a few years ago. It has always been yellow, orange and red flowers, but I thought something different was needed this year. Especially since the house was painted a totally different color last fall. He suggested blue and I whole-heartedly agree! Although, blue is a rather difficult color to get in a quantity of perennial flowers. Still, I'm going for it!

I've noticed that when my heart gets selfish and I get preoccupied with outside entertainments and things that my dear son seems so unbearable...cranky, misbehaving, off his food, and prone to tantrums. But, when my heart is back in it's right place and I'm all about the best job ever, motherhood, my dear son is sweet, more even-tempered, more apt to listen and obey, and he even eats and sleeps well. Connection? Perhaps.

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Audrey said...

My little girl is the same way. If I am busy with a project like painting for a few days she gets very wheepy.