Saturday, April 19, 2008

Preggy Insomnia Musings

I had a great night's sleep last night, so it's pretty much assured that tonight is "insomnia night." I had insomnia with Bubby's pregnancy, too, so this is nothing new.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day with unseasonably warm, sunny weather! It was a great day for enjoying the little things in life and spending time with my little man. We walked over to the farm twice where Bubby was able to ride a horse again! (It's a miniature horse.) He LOVES riding horses and since his first experience about a month ago, I can't get on all fours (like when I'm peering under the sofa to see what toys ended up under there) without him climbing onto my back and shouting, "Go Go!" Usually, I indulge him because for some reason, it actually makes my back feel better!

The second time we walked over, we took the back way along the fields. We just strolled and meandered, enjoying the day. For a moment, I felt the urge to have Bubby hurry up, but I stopped myself realizing, "what's the hurry?" So, meandering we went, observing a chipmunk, a tiny purple flower, the cracks in the dry dirt, and two newborn calves in the field.

As we rounded the bend to the activity on the farm, Bubby was elated to see Daddy driving a tractor and our neighbor pulling in with the big truck. He also got to play in the sandbox and get all dirty while mommy enjoyed gardening fellowship with the farmer's wife and enjoyed her blossoming bulbs.

I thanked God for His creation and His beauty that still remains on this earth. I don't know how anyone can stand to live in a man-made concrete jungle so far removed from God's creation.

Rain should be coming by the beginning of next week and then everything will start turning a beautiful shade of spring green, just in time for my favorite month, May!

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