Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kitchen Stuff

I don't have a pantry other than some shelves in the basement where my home-canned goods go. Otherwise, it's just cabinets in the kitchen jam-packed with stuff.

While flipping through a back-issue of Victoria Magazine (yes, the magazine is being published again), I found a small article on making a pantry. Of course, the pantry in the magazine was one most women could only dream about. But, I'm not one to let magazine pics and articles make me feel bad about my modest surroundings. Instead, I enjoy the creative juices that flow as I "do the best with what I have." So, now I'm inspired to make my cabinets more pantry-like and to clean out and re-organize my fridge as well.

Now, here's the part that's contributing to my "green" days of April:

Out in a lovely little barn-style shed is my stove that I bought with my own money for our little mobile home. Unfortunately, the kitchen in our current house can only manage an apartment stove and it's only set for electric, not gas. So, out in the shed sits my beloved gas stove. However, hubby has a great idea! He wants to get a tank and hook it up to my stove and make me a "summer kitchen!" Not only will this save on electricity by not running the stove in my kitchen, but it'll save on electricity by not heating up the house and dueling with the air conditioner!

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