Thursday, April 03, 2008

Composting Again, Gardening Again

I stopped composting my plant-based matter during the winter. I hated bundling, trudging through snow down a hill to dump a few potato skins. Now that the weather is improving (slowly), I'm back to composting.

Composting is a must for gardeners (even if all you have are a few pots or window boxes), and it's very green and saves money! I was very generously given a composting box by my neighbor. However, you can easily start one with a simple fenced-in area, or even a pit in the corner of your garden!

Today, I started digging up bulbs that are shooting greens out along the side of my house. They are going to my sister-in-law. I need that spot cleared out because we're going to be doing some work to help divert water away from the house.

It felt good to dig through the dirt again, but it doesn't take much now to throw my preggy tummy into pains. I'm all forward this pregnancy and boy, do I feel it. I'll be doing a lot of pilates and ballet poses to get my spine back the way it should be after I give birth. It's getting quite the curve in it from trying to support this growing belly of mine. Only 10 more weeks to go!

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