Monday, December 03, 2007

We're not supposed to love sleep....

But surely the Bible makes exception for pregnant women! Tee hee. :) I'm pretty sure Little One is going through a growth spurt. I can feel my womb stretching and I'm quite tired. It doesn't help that I'm up quite often at night to go to the bathroom. The advice I got was don't drink anything after 6 pm. HAH! What else am I supposed to do if I'm so thirsty!? It's ok, though. I really don't mind. I am reminded how truly blessed I am to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I was able to sleep in this morning (before Bubby woke up screaming and throwing up...he's fine now) and I'll be able to lay down at Bubby's nap time. Also, I can go to bed anytime after 7pm if I need to.

Our "major snow storm" turned into a mild mess. Still, the media made a big craze about it, but you look out the window and say, "so what!" There's not even anything much to shovel.

Today, I'm going to clean up the house the best I can and move a couple of bookshelves in preparation for Christmas decorating. Tomorrow, we're getting our basement waterproofed and Wednesday my friend is coming over it help me decorate the house.

Tonight's dinner is a treat for hubby: cheeseburger pie!

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Mimi said...

I love sleep too. Plus, it is a lot of hard work growing a baby.