Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy Day, Wrapping Up Christmas Prep

Busy, busy, busy! We're expecting foul weather, so I grocery shopped early on top of Christmas shopping. Poor Bubby was out past his nap-time and was getting out of sorts in the stores while mommy made her choices. I treated him to Subway to make sure he had a good meal in his tummy. I always get their veggie delight subs on whole wheat.

Once home, I had to unpack the groceries and start working on all the gifts I had to put together. I also bought a cheapy wreath at Walmart and some bows and a string of lights for it. That got put together and hung in my picture window.

In my effort to keep my gift buying on budget, I managed to put together and nice gift basket for under $14.00 thanks to the Dollar Store and some coupons. The basket includes the basket itself, a box of gourmet biscotti, a wooden nutcracker ornament with candies, a bag of gourmet chocolates, a picture of Bubby in a frame and 4 Christmas-themed scented Yankee Candles.

The Dollar Store also provided me with stocking stuffers for Bubby. Hubby asked me the other day what we were filling Bubby's stocking with. I had no plans to fill it, but hubby wanted it filled. Bubby's stocking now contains: 3 bottles of bubble soap, sidewalk chalk, a bath puff with attached dog, and a farm scene sticker book.

I also managed to chat with my MIL about what to get FIL, the man who literally needs and wants nothing. I already got him gourmet popcorn, but MIL liked my idea of a dried fruit gift platter and yogurt covered pretzels.

This evening, I have Bubby's Christmas pictures to cut out and send out. I take a cute, posed picture of him with a disposable camera, get the film developed and then use the Kodak picture scanner at the store to make copies for family members. There's also a few more gifts to wrap.

So, I better get cracking!

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