Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas Post

I had a wonderful Christmas full of so many blessings! Bubby made out like a bandit. It helps to be little a cute and have a large family. Now, I have to go through all his toys because he simply has too many. I'm also obligated to get this basement cleaned out and get an official playroom going for the little guy! Many great gifts were given to me, but three really stood out: Hubby got me a gun! Yeah, that's right! The preggy chick is packing heat! He got me a .22 mag rifle. Hey, we live in the country and we've had our share of rabid and dangerous animals in the area. With our growing brood of little ones, I'm not taking any chances! I'm a Grizzly Mama, not a Deer Mama. I also got a food processor! Woo hoo!!! Thirdly, I got the non-fiction "Olive Trilogy" books by Carol Drinkwater (All Creatures Great and Small fame).

Today is definately post-Christmas slump. After days of activities and energy, I'm a tired nutritional wasteland. I look forward to getting back on track. The wrappings are getting cleaned up and burned in our furnace. The decorations are slowly coming down. I'm catching up on several days of lack of chores and house tidying.

Preggy report: HEARTBURN! I had it with Bubby. I had it so bad just before giving birth that even water gave me heartburn. I ate Tums like candy and had to sleep in nearly a sitting position. Bubby had a full head of hair, so perhaps this one will, too! 4 more weeks and I can find out what I'm having! I've also still only gained a few pounds. My starting weight was 123. After the Christmas feast on Sunday, I weighed in at 126. I'm ok with this because I'm showing well and eating balanced. I can't really eat any more because I'm not that hungry. Besides, Bubby keeps me active. It feels good to feel stronger in this pregnancy.

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