Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why I want to homeschool Reason #3

So my children aren't penalized for being absent due to illness, religious reasons, or going to re-enactments.

The local public school has some really messed up policies on catching up on schoolwork if you're absent. Our neighbor's son's friend was not allowed to catch up on school work after he took a week off from school when his grandmother died.


Anonymous said...

That hardly seems fair! I missed quite a bit of school due to illnesses and was always allowed to catch-up, thank goodness! But I know each state has their own policies on absenteeism, etc.

Kate said...

In fact, this young man protested to the teacher that refused to give him the assignments to catch up. He kept asking over and over to do his schoolwork and the teacher called the security officers. He was handcuffed and escorted to the principal's office where his parents were called. All this for asking to do schoolwork.

Henry Cate said...

I hear stuff like this and shake my head. It is so hard to believe.

Is there any chance the parents would be willing to homeschool the young man? It really hurts the school financially when they lose students.

Kate said...

That's the problem...a lot of the public schools are inadequate, but parents either can't homeschool or simply won't because it's just not something they feel they can do, or it would mean one of the parents cutting back on their career. Also, unfortunately, there are many parents who just don't care. I've heard of area schools trying to find incentives, like coffee and donuts or a pizza dinner to get parents to come to parent-teacher meetings.

Also, homeschooling isn't an option for this young man because he's graduating high school in a month. Too little too late. :)

Now, as bad as I'm making these public schools out to be, and as much as I want to homeschool, hubby and I agreed that if any of our children ask to go to public or private school, we'll let them.

Anonymous said...

That's totally CRAZY and beyond my understanding why any teacher would do such a thing. The kid wants to learn. Why stop him?


Anonymous said...

I have read all of your reasons for wanting to homeschool your child. They are all valid. I was a public school teacher for many years. I probably could add pages and pages of reasons. Some would be shocking. Instead, I will add two more reasons. First, no one is as interested in your child's education as much as you are. No one. I tried my best, but I had many administrative mandates that prevented me from being the teacher I wanted to be. Secondly, why should your children be trapped in a classroom all day or must pass in the hall, be required to sit near during lunch, sit next to (possibly all day,) be required to work with, get a group share grade with, or have their learning disrupted with children that you would not allow them to play with or spend time with after school?