Monday, May 01, 2006


May is here!! May is my favorite month. Where I live, it's the month when the tulips pop, the trees blossom, the leaves form and the lilacs bloom. It's the month when we can get our gardens in. It's the month that starts family picnics! Days are longer and warmer in May, but not too hot.

This year May is extra special because for the first time, I get to celebrate Mothers Day! Being a mother is so special to me. I know there are feminists out there who believe that being a mother isn't fulfilling. When my son stares at me with those big blue baby eyes and studies my face, I can't think of one thing more fulfilling than that! Out of love, my husband and I got married, came together and through the miracle of God's perfect creation, our son was formed in my womb body, soul and spirit. 8 months later, he was born, healthy and vibrant. Now, nearly 6 weeks after his birth, he has grown and developed. Daily, I see changes. Daily, I see how much he's learned and how much I've learned. Daily, my heart grows to love him more and more. If that's not fulfilling, I don't know what is.

That's what gets me confused about these feminists. I don't see how slaving away at a job outside the home just to exists on my own is fulfilling? Granted, there are very fulfilling jobs out there, such as being a doctor or working for a good cause. But still, I don't see how they can be any more fulfilling than bearing and rearing precious children.

OK, now what do you think about corn fuel? It's all the talk now. I saw commercials for it on TV at my in-laws' house.

Also, I ask that you pray for hubby and I. We're hoping to get an outdoor furnace this year. Right now we have an oil furnace and we can't afford to keep the tank filled.



prayzgod said...

Corn fuel works, if the carb is set right. However, it can be hard to get.

I prefer closed loop steam, but that is not in the open market. Hubby could build it, but we don't have an investor for it yet. ;-)

Muriel said...

Hi Ladyscoot,
I can't agree more with you, it's so wonderful to discover the joy of motherhood for the first time, and the next ones too ;)

Many blessings,

Robyn said...

I would agree that mother must be extremely fulfilling...but at the same time - I don't think women who work outside the home should be condemned. A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for women...why is that such a bad thing?
I love the Lord, and my husband dearly - and when we do have kids, I will love them will all my heart - but I work outside the home because we can't afford not to. Many other women are in the same boat - and probably don't want to be lumped into the "those feminists" category. I'd rather work and help contribute to the household, then let my poor husband work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive. Those of us who live in very expensive parts of the US, don't always have the option of staying home.
I'm not trying to be snarky or rude, I just sometimes get sick of the generalizations that go along with being a working woman. Every woman's situation is different - and although of course we know it's best to stay home with the children...sometimes it's just not possible!

Katrina said...

Why is it that a working woman is assumed to be a "feminist" and therefore something bad or negative? Didn't you post a while back how your hubby wanted you to work part time (while you were pregnant no less) and he felt you weren’t doing enough at home? Were you just going through a feminist phase? I’ll bet my bottom dollar it is more your choosing to stay at home than it is the desire of your husband.

Kate said...

Ahem....In my post, "these feminists" mean those who insist that there's no way staying home can be fulfilling. It is NOT a blanket statement for all feminists or for working women. Women work for a variety of reasons and I do not judge why they work. After all, I worked outside the home, just as you pointed out. I know and am friends with many working moms, those who call themselves feminists and those who do not. I was speaking of those who have very negative opinions of staying home NOT those who work.

By the way, my husband DOES want me home, and I started working BEFORE I got pregnant. He feels very strongly that I should be home with our son. This was discussed before we got married and was also discussed at our pre-marital sessions with the pastor.