Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day News

My first Mother's Day was so nice. Nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary occured, but it was wonderful nonetheless. It was a rainy day that started off with stress. I've been stressed out and short lately, but I was determined to go to church. I did. The message was excellent and one I needed to hear. Being honored as a mother helped change my perspective on things. Being read Proverbs 31 KJV convicted me. I fell in love with my son all over again and much more strongly as he spent the service either in my arms or in his carseat carrier by my side. Thank you, Jesus!

My little brother finished college on Friday and moved out yesterday. My husband and I miss him already. When we came home from visiting hubby's parents, we came home to an empty room, a note and gas money. I honestly want to cry. My brother is only 10 miles away now, but our house won't be the same without him.

Still, we started on the nursery right away. Hubby will be happy to stop tripping over baby stuff. I'll be happy to have him in his own room and all his stuff in one place. Right now his changing table goes unused in the master bedroom, along with toys, extra clothes, diapers, the pack and play, rocking chair and various other baby paraphenalia. His cradle is in the living room along with his bouncy seat. His swing is in the dining room. The chair that belongs in the master bedroom is in the living room to make room for the baby stuff in the master bedroom. With all this shifted, everything is a bit out of place and cluttered and more stressful. By the end of the week, I hope to have the room cleaned and decorated and Bubby moved in. :)

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