Monday, May 22, 2006

Weightloss and a legacy

I have 3 weeks until I see a large number of friends and acquaintences who haven't seen me since I was pregnant. I have a few pounds left over from said pregnancy which make a lot of my clothing a bit on the tight side. I would like to be better fit for when I meet them. Plus, it's cheaper to lose weight than it is to buy a new wardrobe.

So, I started an exercise program, one I HAVE to stick to. 20 minutes a day, I can do either aerobics, pilates or various individual muscle workouts (leg lifts, etc). I also have to cut out unnecessary snacking and focus more on proper meals and between-meal healthy snacks. measurements are 30" waist, 40" hips, 22" upper thighs. My weight is 138 lbs.
Today, I did 20 minutes of aerobics (non jostling dancing), first with my son in my arms, and then with 10.75 oz cans of soup as weights. *laughs*

I believe in planning my day not around my son, or despite my son, but WITH my son. After he nursed and was changed, his activity consisted of dancing with mommy. I got exercise and he got bonding time. 10 minutes into the dancing, he started dozing off, so I tucked him in his cradle for a nap. He wasn't going to go down easy. He dozed for a bit and then woke up a bit frightened, so I went in and gave him a pacifier, kissed him, tucked him in better and smiled and said, "Go to sleep, honey. You're safe. Mommy's just a few steps away and God is always with you."

"Mommy's just a few steps away." I've been saying that a lot often without realizing it's become a mantra of sorts. Today, I added "God is always with you." I think I'm adopting that whole line. I want my children to remember me saying it to them.

"Mommy's just a few steps away and God is always with you."


prayzgod said...

I like to do The Firm exercise tapes. They have me firmed up within a few weeks easy.

When I have a wee one like yours, I stick him in a bouncy chair with a few baby toys, where he can watch me exercise, play with a toy, or doze off. It worked really good for me. :-)

When I'm cooking in the kitchen, I'd usually have baby in a car seat on the table.

When I wanted to rest, but baby was up and active, I'd put him into a baby swing for 15 minutes, and when he got big enough, into a walker. :-)

MountainMaMa said...

"Mommy's just a few steps away and God is always with you."

I really like that mantra. It's so true and very comforting :-)