Thursday, May 25, 2006

A sore throat and a confection

Yesterday, I felt the tingle. Overnight, it became full-blown...a sore throat. I HATE sore throats. My bathroom vanity is covered in my arsenal against sore throats....salt water, listerine, hydrogen peroxide, and when I'm done with my errands, I'll gargle with 15 year Scotch. I also suck on chewable vitamin C tablets and take in plenty of fluids. I just pray that if it's contagious, my son doesn't get it.

My brother introduced my husband and I to a fantastic confection. Neither hubby nor I can eat chocolate. (Don't feel bad for us, we don't even like the taste of it anyway.) It's made by Ferrero and called Raffaello. "An almond surrounded by a fine milk cream, then covered with a crisp delicate wafer and sprinkled with tender, shredded coconut." It is SO good and apparently hard to find.


RR2Box79 said...

Oh yes, a beautiful morsel of goodness.

Bethgem said...
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