Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Real Estate Junkie Within

In just a matter of minutes, we will be going to look at a house! Of course, I don't think we will be able to get it. It's on the auction block and tomorrow is the last day for bidding AND you need to be pre-approved. Try finding a pre-approval on a Saturday! Still, we're going to look at it.....just in case.

The problem is, I'm forming an attachment already. I do this with every house I look at. I start picturing furnishings and how I'd paint the walls. Goodness, I've already named this house! I'd call it, "Farmer's Daughter" because the house was built by the neighboring farmer for his daughter back in 1880. Isn't that charming?!

The house comes with acreage, too!

I'm wondering how broken hearted I'll be in just an hour's time. Of course, I LOVE our little Taigh Beag cottage and the beautiful slice of God's creation it sits on. So I shall be happy here, too.

But, I am totally a real estate junkie. You cannot mention a house for sale without me diving in full tilt. I usually end up angering the real estate agents because I know more than they do about the properties I look at. I've gone to open houses and told people more about the house than the agent could. It's a bad habit, I know. Hubby says I'd make a GREAT real estate agent. I dunno. I'd be an honest one who does her homework (a rarity where I live), but I wouldn't be considered great in the industry. Oh well. I'm a mommy now, anyway.

Update: Farmer's Daughter is more like Farmer's Corpse....yeah, the house is THAT bad. Maybe if I had a LOT of money and no kids and a magazine feature contract.

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