Sunday, August 08, 2010

Farmer's Daughter

I'm actually kind of sad that Farmer's Daughter was left to such ruin. It would have made such a lovely house. The kitchen had a pantry off of it with a window in it. I always wanted a pantry with a window. The bathroom was sunny and cheerful. There was a living room and a dining room and a center hall with a staircase. Upstairs were 3 good-sized bedrooms. The master bedroom had another little room off of it which would have made a great nursery for the baby. There was also another little room at the top of the stairs which would make a good laundry room or half bath.

Unfortunately, Farmer's Daughter is in such ruin. It would take a very dedicated person to bring her back. The bones of the house are good, but everything else is shot.

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Stephanie said...

Farmer's Daughter sounds like a DREAM. I tend to be somewhat of a real estate junkie too! We have an arts and crafts style bungalow, in town, that was built in's SOLID OAK, as sturdy as the mountain ridge that it sits on. But just like Farmer's Daughter it was in bad shape, but we only paid $5,000 for it (it didn't even have running water or heat) and then it took us at least a year to get it to the point that I would call liveable...all while we were living in it LOL. It still needs more work...especially new siding...but I love that little house and miss it. The cottage we live in now is almost as old as our other house, but it's poorly built and decaying's the opposite of the other house, it looks nice but the innards and bones are not-so-good....