Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Mess Averted

In one section of our TV armoire the children's DVDs were housed. Daughter grew tall enough to easily reach the bottom row and pull them out. Then, she learned that climbing on something gave her access to the entire load. Consequently, I ended up picking up DVDs several times a day. Also, several of the disks became unplayable since she'd remove them from their boxes and leave them on the floor. Some of the boxes were cracked, too from her standing on them.

I tried teaching her not to pull out the DVDs, but they proved too much of a temptation for her. So, I found a CD/DVD storage case that holds 96 disks and zips closed and placed all those DVDs in there. As for the DVD cases, I boxed them up and put them in storage.

I love not picking up all those DVDs day after day and I love having extra space.

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Anonymous said...

We recently did that also. I love having them all together in the DVD binder. It's so much tidier. :)