Monday, August 09, 2010


While washing dishes yesterday and letting my mind wander over all sorts of subjects, I came up with this thought:

Is it really a conviction from God, or just something you would like to do?

This thought stemmed from reading blog posts defending certain individual's choices in their walk with the Lord or just in life in general. Some of them go to great lengths to explain why they do what they do. Biblical truths can be twisted or even misused.

Overall, what they chose to do is harmless, and really, in the world full of "individual expression" be it purple and orange hair spikes or wearing your knee length hair covered, why does it have to be such a big deal?

If you're honestly convicted, fine.

If you just want to do it, fine....but don't try to prove it's a conviction.

I have long hair and for a while I used to be all self-righteous about it and made sure to tell every woman with short hair the Bible verse about a woman's long hair. I pretended it was my conviction, but really, I just preferred to have long hair. I sought out other blogs and websites to help support my position and prove I was right. Oh, what a silly, young thing I was.

I have long hair. So what?

You know what is funny? Most people think I have long hair because of a Biblical conviction. Some of it is because of my past attitude. Some of it is because simply the act of having long hair has people wondering, "she's eschewed modern hairstyles, so she must have some sort of religious view on hair."

I just like it.

Simple as that.

I don't feel any more righteous having long hair.


Stephanie said...

haha...yeah...been there, done that. I have waist length hair that I have had since I was 16 and I love it too...but I also made the mistake of turning it into a biblical conviction which was wrong wrong wrong, looking back on myself I can't believe how foolish I was when it came to many things. I blame the religious and church mind I just don't care, AT ALL. I have my own personal relationship with Jesus and that's all I need (actually I couldn't live without it) and I could care less about what others do. It's so FREEING to not feel like I have to tell other people what to do, nor do I feel like I must explain myself to them or prove every little action with a Bible Verse. As a child of God I just live freely and walk freely upon the earth which my Father owns...I really belive this is what he means when he said to Abraham "walk before me and be thou perfect"...our simple child like faith in HIM, and our willingness to do anything and follow HIM anywhere is how we become perfect in HIS eyes :-)

Mrs. V. said...

Amen to this post! It seems so many want to hold up their personal convictions - not God given - in a manner that puts others down and puts them on a pedestal. The Lord never intended for us to to do that. He intended for us to be modest and have enough common sense to accomplish that goal. And since He made us all so unique, it stands to reason that it will be accomplished in different ways by different people. But as long as we have the common thread of modesty, all is well.