Thursday, July 01, 2010

One Room Schoolhouses

I wish I had a picture.

Across the street from my house is an old, brick, one-room schoolhouse. My neighbor uses it as a storage building/workshop, but it still contains a lot of the schoolroom charm. That is, except for the old school books which now reside in my house thanks to my neighbor. :)

I have always been drawn to one room schoolhouses and apparently, so are my children. Hand in hand, my oldest son and my daughter walked into the schoolhouse with the same far-away look as when they walked into others.

My friends live in an old, one-room schoolhouse in PA.

I grew up kitty-corner to an old, one-room schoolhouse that was converted into a house.

I now live across the street from one and a short drive from another.

My children LOVED the one-room schoolhouses at The Farmer's Museum and Old Stone Fort. I could barely pull them out of there!

There's a GORGEOUS 18th century house for sale about 25 minutes from my house that includes a one-room schoolhouse on the property. Of course, I don't have the half a million dollars to buy the place!

I always thought it would be neat to get a teaching degree and start up a one-room schoolhouse private school that taught classical education the old way.

The one-room schoolhouse nearby was looking for volunteers to run the place for tourists 4 years ago. I so wanted to apply, but I had a newborn at the time.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

I too love one room school houses. Do you read "The Old Schoolhouse" magazine? It's a homeschool magazine, and they feature one each issue.

Kate said...

Thanks! I'll have to look it up!

Brenda said...

We have a 2 room brick schoolhouse. It has 2 coatrooms and 2 restrooms upstairs, as it is quite a modern schoolhouse. It was built in the 1920's and we purchased it in 1990 or so. We have our sheep and chickens and garden on that property, as it at 1 acre is larger than our home property. Children still come when we ring the bell :) We've enjoyed having it.