Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every evening Baby Boy fusses and grunts in pain and discomfort from gas in his system. Every morning he wakes up farting up a storm. It doesn't seem to matter how often hubby and I burp him. Gas seems to build up in his lower digestive track.

Last night had me looking through some resources and I found that if I take vitamin B6 it should help not only his gas issues, but his developing cradle cap, too! I'm on it!

He's only a month old, so I don't want to start shoving supplements and anything other than breast milk down his throat. Therefore, I'm looking for things I can take that'll get into my breast milk and help him. I think I'll start drinking the mother's milk tea, too. He seemed to have fewer gas issues when I was drinking it after he was born.

Any other advice or suggestions?

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