Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Don't lift heavy things....

How does a mother of 3 under 4 NOT lift heavy things?

I have a hernia. Thankfully, it is small enough not to be a consideration for surgery and may correct itself as my postpartum body heals. I am not supposed to lift heavy things, that is anything heavier than my infant in his car seat carrier.

I ask again, how does a mother of 3 under 4 NOT lift heavy things?


Mat. Emily said...

I am so sorry, Kate! That is terrible! I hope that it heals quickly!

roc6 said...

I hope you heal quickly. Maybe you can sit down a lot with the kiddos or maybe cuddle with them more in your bed. I know you are in a trying season right now.For that I pray that the Lord sends peace,strength and sleep for you and your littles. maybe just maybe The Lord sees that you need rest. Maybe you are sweating the small stuff or trying to go back to a what you consider a normal routine. I know after I had my third baby I thought easy smeasy. I got this. I am superwomen. Watch me roar and work. Well, the Lord had different plans. I was blindsided with postpartum depression. I had never experienced anything like. it was during that time when I truly learned to rest and depend on God. I started seeing everything in a different light when the stubborn side of me was refined. I learned so much from the Lord during this time that I'm not sorry for going through it. I am a better person to the Lord and my family for it also. Can you imagine I must have been a very stubborn and prideful person before because after this season these two things I no longer struggle with.