Saturday, July 31, 2010


So much for breastfeeding amenorrhea. Never mind it's only around 7 weeks PP and I've only nursed on demand. Let's pray my milk doesn't dry up.


Stephanie said...

I usually start my period again too...even breastfeeding on demand around the clock and co-sleeping doesn't seem to stop it! However it's always a anovulatory cycle (meaning I don't ovulate). I usually don't start ovulating until I introduce baby to some other kind of food and stop being his/her sole food source...usually sometime around 8 months or when they seem interested in food, whichever comes first :-)

I don't know if you use the fetility awareness method of birth control, but I highly recommend it...especially if you tend to have very regular cycles, it's a lot easier for women with very regular cycles. You should check out this website, I have their books and they're great:

Garden Of Fertility

Kate said...

Stephanie, I do use fertility awareness, though I was a week off last October and the result of that is poking his head out of my Moby Wrap as I type! :)

This one may not be fertile, but my fertility usually returns by 4 or 5 months PP, if not sooner.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I've done that in the past...that's how we ended up with Matthew, our 2 1/2 year old. This past time, however, was all my husband's "fault". We were about to...ya know...and I tell him I'm fertile and he says "well I'll take my chances" and 9 months later we have our baby girl. I'm so glad he took a chance though... otherwise, looking at the track record (3 boys!) I don't know if I ever would have had a baby girl! :-)

Kelly said...

I believe according to the nfp guidelines, that any bleeding prior to 8 weeks can be disregarded, but ymmv. I always get a "period" at 7 weeks pp, and then get several months of amenorrhea after that.