Thursday, July 08, 2010

Getting through the first growth spurt

A panic started rising in me. Baby boy spent all of yesterday evening fussy, and nursing. He never seemed satisfied. The old fear popped into my head. I'm losing my milk.

Then I took a deep breath. I calmed down. And I reminded myself that he is probably having the 3 week mark growth spurt many babies have. After all, he slept all day except for waking just long enough for regular feedings. I noticed that more of my baby weight dropped suddenly and I'm suddenly a LOT more hungry.

So, I let the little guy nurse and nurse and nurse to his heart's content. I'm really hopeful that 3rd time's the charm and I can breastfeed past 3 months. I'm already thankful that he's had NO formula or bottles or pacifiers. (It helps that he really is an easy-going baby. My daughter was more high strung and that pacifier was better than an international peace treaty!) The only supplementing I did was during his jaundice when he could be too sleepy to finish feeding, I would give him a medicine dropper of my expressed hindmilk to help him gain weight and poop out the bilirubin.

July 15th, he'll be a month old and a month nursed.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

Praying that you can nurse him as long as possible! I too have never made it past three months, and it really hurts to see moms nursing much older babies with no problems. If only all of us were so lucky! We are praying for our third baby, and I am already praying that he/she will have no problems with nursing.

Kate said...

Praying with you!

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

thank you for your prayers, they must have worked, I found out yesterday (on our daughters first birthday!) that I am due in March! Now I just need to pray for a healthy pregnancy and a good nursing experience! hope you're doing well :)