Monday, March 02, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Pretty Economy

It took a touch of ambition and working around the schedule of a clingy 9 month old, but I managed to get some Spring Cleaning done in the bathroom. I gave the bathroom it's usual cleaning, but really scrubbed the shower walls and bathtub. I tackled the vanity, too. For a small cottage, we have a good-sized vanity in the bathroom with 6 drawers, a two-door cabinet and plenty of counterspace. In fact, I use one side of the counter as a changing table until my babies get too wiggly. I emptied everything out of the vanity, threw away a ton of useless, old stuff like make-up, lotions, tub toys that got a little mildewy, etc. Then, I washed it out and put in contact paper. That really brightened it up. Afterwards, I reorganized everything and put them away neatly. It's actually nice to open the cabinet or pull out drawers now.

Tomorrow, I hope to wash the ceiling, walls and vanity light fixture shades in the bathroom. I'd also like to repaint the radiator in the bathroom, but we'll see how much time I have. There's also sewing to finish, and everyday chores to accomplish. I also make sure I spend enough play-time and education-time with my kiddos. I moved my work-out time to the afternoon. Instead of doing boring aerobics in the wee hours of the morning, I play some music and dance with my kiddos in the afternoon.

As the economy looks more and more grim, I'm sure many a housewife has had to economize more on the grocery budget. Perhaps we're eating more casseroles, or leftovers or soups, or yet another unique way to prepare the large amount of something we got on sale. A trick of the depression era was to serve a less than appealing dinner as prettily as possible. Do you have a soup tureen? Use it! A gravy boat? Use it! Pull out the finer china! Set the table prettily. And always serve up dinner with a smile. A happy dinner table makes any meal shine. I'd rather share a can of pork and beans with happy company than a filet mignon dinner with grumpy company.

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