Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Preparing For Yard Sales

The season is upon us. Soon, garage doors will be flung open to the cool spring mornings and the onslaught of bargain hunters pawing through one man's trash in order to find their personal treasure for a few bucks. My mom and I are among these bargain hunters. We love the thrill of a good yard sale. :)

I'm preparing for this season's cheap, used bounty by starting a list of things I'm looking for. I'll also put together a list of books I'm seeking and what series I already have. For example, I love the Boxcar Children series and have many books that I can't keep track of in the series. A simple list will let me know what books I have and what books I don't have should I find some of the series at a sale.

On this year's list so far I'm looking for:

Thomas the Tank Engine Take Along sets that my son doesn't have
A cake stand with a cover (not plastic)
A Desk
A shelf for the children's room


Jenna said...

How fun! I love garage sales too...the deals that you can find feel so good don't they?!

Goodwill is kind of the same way...maybe a little more expensive?!


MomAtHome said...

yard sales are always fun! hope you find what you are looking for! I am updating my "mom at home" blog now, so stop by sometime! have a blessed day :)