Saturday, March 28, 2009

Accomplished Saturday

This morning the clouds hovered in the sky and I was sure it was going to rain. In preparation of a rainy day, I planned on working on the basement. Instead, the sun came out and the day warmed up to a comfortable mid-60's farenheit! We had an excellent day.

Hubby went off to help a friend fix fences at his farm, so the morning was spent doing some minor housework, making pizza dough and making kombucha. After daughter woke up for her nap, I packed the kiddos off to go to the post office and to the grocery store. The grocery store has potted herbs and I hoped for parsley. They didn't have any. We drove by a house for sale, in fact, THE house I pointed out to my sister last year that I thought would be perfect for her. I HAD to call the number and I did only to find out that there's already a bid on it. I told my sister anyway.

Once home, we had a quick lunch. Bubby had bread and cheese, raisins, carrots and some "fishy crackers." Daughter had mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy processed in her food mill. I had carrots, a few "fishy crackers" and an egg sandwich dressed with mayo, mustard and horseradish. The children played merrily in the living room and I set to work laying a new floor in the little porch off my kitchen. Oh, it looks so much better!

Once daughter went down for her nap, Bubby and I went outside to do yardwork. We received a visitor who dropped off a toy horse for Bubby to ride on. Then, hubby came home and approved of the toy horse, my yardwork efforts and the new floor in the porch. He set to work in the yard and Bubby joined him. I returned indoors, tidied up, phoned a friend, and started making pizza. Daughter was up from her nap by then and after spending some time with me, played happily in the living room while I cooked.

Bubby worked up quite the appetite helping Daddy. In between bites of his own little pizza that I made him, he repeatedly told me that it was delicious and that I did a good job making it. :) After dinner, it was clean-up, baths, story-time, bedtime and I went to work making a dessert for the church dinner tomorrow.

Now, I'm on here and getting off pronto. Bed is calling me.

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