Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning the Porch, etc.

Today, I spring cleaned my enclosed porch. I put the garage sale accumulations into the shed, fixed the window seat, tidied and reorganized and moved my sewing machine out there. It's a really loud machine and it keeps my daughter awake and annoys my son. My little dilemma is what to put where my sewing machine used to be? I stuck a chair there for now just to block the outlet so my daughter's curious fingers don't end up thee. It doesn't look right. I'm thinking a storage bench of some sort would like great there. I'm always rearranging.

Anyhow, back to the porch, right now the window seat has a feather mattress encased in a flannel sheet. Instead, I want to sew an upholstery slip cover for the mattress to make it look more tidy. The fabric I originally wanted to use is not being made anymore and is very difficult to find. It's the Waverly Highland Sample in Jewel (not pastel).

I also cleaned out my filing chest and have a shelf to spare. What to put there, what to put there....

Having a small house, storage and organization are always a challenge, especially in this season of my life where everything is constantly changing. I like trying to find better ways to keeping things. My problem is my creativity gets the better of me and I find myself wanting to get rid of the old and buy the new. For example, if we could get a flat panel TV for our armoire, it would free up tons of storage space inside the armoire! We could actually install the shelf that came with the armoire and I could buy those cute drawer-like baskets and put the CDs or DVDs in there instead! See what I mean? It's a madness in a way. :b

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