Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bragging Rights

I asked my son (who's nearly 3) to write a note in his cousin's birthday card. I really just expected some quick scribbles, but what he did took my by complete surprise. He took the pen and with absolutely no help or prompting from me, he scrawled the above out, dictating as he went along, "P, O, E, O, E, Jazz." (Jazz meant "J") When I looked over his shoulder, to my amazement, his scrawling actually looked like the letters he dictated! Coincidence? I'm not sure!
In other news, I just purchased a book I've been wanting for quite some time. And I got it for a really good price! I purchased "A Thousand Ways To Please a Family With Bettina's Best Recipes" by Louise Bennett Weaver. I have the first book, "A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband" and really enjoyed it. It's an antique cookbook that's a fictional story and a charming one at that. I almost wish Bettina were real and a blogger!


Heather said...

What wonderful printing he did!!!!

Bethgem said...

So cool! What a cutie.