Friday, February 27, 2009

Well meaning, but.....

I have to have a giggle about some of these poems and articles out there that make it sound like if you're washing dishes rather than playing with your child, your child will grow up thinking you love dishes more than him. On the other hand, there are also those poems and articles about keeping a lovely home in order to maintain a happy, healthy family. I'm sure some readers feel pulled back and forth and perhaps even guilted into wondering what they're doing wrong.

While they're all well meaning and some even downright beautiful and convicting, these poems and articles sometimes fail to mention something important. MODERATION and BALANCE. Sure, we should spend time with our children, but dishes HAVE to be washed sometime and floors should be cleaned, toilets scrubbed and dinner made. I try to spend as much time with my children as possible and even include them in my daily chores, but sometimes I just have to send my son to the other room to play so I can get something done!

We should have a clean house, but not obsess over one to the detriment of our families. We should play with our children and spend time with them, but not to the detriment of the cleanliness and comfort of our homes.

There, now I've added my own well meaning and perhaps guilt-tripping article. :b Hey, at least I didn't write a poem! :D


Frazikat said...

Well said! Thanks for weighing in on the subject. Balance and moderation - yes!

roc said...

amen!!! but humor us PLEASE!!!! write the poem. lol!

Kate said...

There once was a mom who washed dishes.
And ignored her child's every wishes.
The house was so clean.
But he thought her mean.
So he sent her swimming with fishes!

There once was a mommy who played
With her child day after day.
They had lots of fun
With the housework undone.
Til' CPS took the child away.
(Yeah, we've had cases here where the mother was a great mother, but never cleaned the house and CPS took the children out due to unsafe living conditions.)

There once was a moderate mother
Who's children were seldom a bother.
She balanced her day
Between housework and play.
It's easy to see why they love her.

There, I humored you with poems. :)
By the way....they're copyrighted.