Saturday, February 07, 2009

Very Sensative Topic - botched abortion

I read in the paper yesterday that an 18 year old Florida girl was 23 weeks pregnant and wanted an abortion. The doctor gave her meds to dialate her cervix in preparation for the abortion and sent her home. She went into labor and delivered the baby ALIVE at the abortion clinic before the doctor arrived. A medically untrained clinic staffer cut the umbilical cord, threw the baby into a red biohazard bag and tossed the baby (alive) into the trash.

The woman is suing, of course and the whole case is being investigated, including by the homicide department.

I've heard so many pro-abortion people claim that botched abortions don't happen and that babies aren't born alive. Not so. This is a horrible, discusting, sinful, hateful practice that gives no regard to human life, to babies, nor to the mothers who many times are diluded into thinking they're not doing anything harmful or wrong only later to be fraught with guilt and medical issues.

I stand in prayer against abortion. Please join me.


Pinkology said...

And here I am, a woman who cannot bear children on my own who would have jumped at the chance to adopt that precious gift into my loving arms and home.
I look at my children and am confused at how their mothers could give them up but at the same time so grateful they did.

I just don't know.

prayzgod said...

Oh my goodness! That clinic staffer has to KNOW that she just committed murder. She's gotta know. What is this world comming to? :-(

Linda said...

I'm just puzzled how a person who decides to murder a baby just hours before now has the nerve to sue the person that.. well.. 'helped' her do so.

Now that I condone what that worker has done in any way.. but I think this 'mother' is just as crazy..

greetings from the netherlands!