Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remember Happy Little Clouds and Bushes?

Did you ever watch his program on PBS? When I was a pre-teen and teenager, I loved watching his "Joy of Painting" program. In half an hour, he would step-by-step paint the most beautiful pictures, his soft, soothing voice comforting the viewer. I would love to purchase his PBS series and watch the programs again. Alas, the series is pricey, but it's on my wishlist. :) I should keep my eye out on half.com and ebay.


SimpleMommy said...

Oh MY! I remember him! I loved to watch it, too.....on my little tiny black & white tv in my room..........PBS was the only station that would come in on the tv designated for parent-approved vhs tapes. :)

Thanks for the memories. :)

roc said...

i loved this show! i grew up in a very stressfulhome and i would watched him whenever i could. His soft voice and calm manner would soothed me. well, for the time i watched him anyway.