Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Health

Every year I plan on Spring cleaning and every year I don't get very far. It's just so much work and something always seems to come up. I still plan on it every year. Perhaps it'll be my great triumph when I finally spring clean!

I have another goal, a short-term one. I want to be back down to the 120's by Valentine's Day. Yesterday, I did "The Firm" and found that their 30 minute Cardio Overdrive wasn't quite challenging enough. This morning, my muscles said otherwise. In an effort to loosen up every tighten and aching inch of me, I did Denise Austen's Yoga and Pilates. Tomorrow, I hope to "Firm" again.

The problem is I just don't feel like myself. I don't think it's physical. It's most likely emotional and spiritual. There's just so much going on and so much hanging up in the air and even some things hanging by a thread. I'm probably stressed and overwhelmed. It's hard to stand still when you so want things to move forward. I'm keeping plenty busy, but they aren't the tasks I want to do right now. This is typical for me. I get this way usually in March when winter holds on and won't let Spring arrive. It's just occuring earlier this year.

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Heather said...

I get into a funk myself every few months. I'm trying to get out of one now! Just keep imagining that sunshine that's right around the corner!!!