Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Teaser

We just had a spring teaser. The weather reached into the 50's. Snow was melting at great speeds, and even grass we peeking out where we plowed over the yard. It was a pleasure to go outside and smell the muddy, early spring smell. You could practically hear the sap beginning to run in the trees.

Naturally, my mind began racing towards my garden. Whether or not we're going to move, hubby agrees that we should still work on our gardens. We ordered a Crimson King maple tree, which is to be the crowning glory of our yard, planted near the little pond.

I was able to open some windows in the house and air it out a little. It's starting to get that stale, winter, shut-up smell. I scanned the house and started thinking about spring cleaning. I plan on March being my spring cleaning month. I've never been successful at Spring cleaning, but every year I try.

In the basement, as I tossed another load into the dryer because my clothes line space indoors is limited, I decided that if at all possible, I'm going to try to start hanging clothes out in March. My hopes aren't too high, though, because March is an unforgiving and cruel month where I live.

In order to hang clothes outdoors, I have to re-set up the little porch off my kitchen. Then, I thought about my enclosed porch. If the weather gets above freezing and not too damp, I can open up the porch during the day.

All these are signs that spring is coming.

In the meantime, I've learned to enjoy these February days by sewing, sewing, sewing. Last night, I cut out and pinned together a vintage-style black velvet skirt. The cool thing is that velvet fabric I'm using is older than me!


Mimi said...

Ooooh, enjoy sewing.

MomAtHome said...

hi! its been forever since i have had a chance to get online and go around to blogs....i definitly missed alot with you! im so sorry about your miscarriage, and ofcourse its not your fault! i dont understand how anyone could ever think it was! some people are just uneducated.
thats wonderful about the sewing! i wish i knew how! hopeful time to learn soon. ive been busy cleaning and whatnot as well. are you guys still looking into a possible move to VA?
take care

MomAtHome said...

wonderful! i hope everything works out! looking at the same area still?