Friday, December 26, 2008


Hubby and I agree that if he does secure a job southwards and we secure a house, then we're going to ask my little brother if he would like to come live with us and search for a better job for himself. *note to my sister---don't say anything yet to him!*

Even though we're still in limbo and nothing is definate, I've started a box of stuff that'll go towards our moving sale. If everything falls through, at least I'll have a really great garage sale in 2009!

I'm 6 weeks preggers and still no sign of morning sickness. While that's not completely alarming, the fact that I really don't feel pregnant is. I know it is early, but with my viable pregnancies, I was already feeling pregnant and sick by now. With my pregnancies that ended in miscarriage, I didn't feel pregnant and, in fact, felt great! I feel great, which isn't good.

I've been through 2 miscarriages before. While they sadden me, I am comforted by the Lord and in knowing that my babies are with Him. I also know that I am not done having children. I know I'll have more.

Of course, as soon as you go through a miscarriage, every subsequent pregnancy is put through a personal analysis that just ends in "will I, won't I" arguments with yourself. I am doing my best to just ignore it all and move on. There's no use getting worked up over something that might or might not happen.

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