Sunday, December 21, 2008

Joining the mass exodus....

Hubby and I are seriously looking into moving out of the state we live in. In fact, many middle class, average American taxpayers are leaving this state. We're heavily taxed. Jobs aren't that great. The schools are horrible. Our politicians are massively corrupt and are planning on adding more taxes, fees, restrictions, regulations, etc. They don't strip away our personal freedoms outright....they just tax, fee and regulate them so much, we can't afford them!

Moving is going to break my mother's heart. It is going to break mine as well. I love where we live. I'm surrounded by family I can see at any given moment. I have love, support, help and prayers at a moment's notice from people I trust whole-heartedly.

Yet, at the same time I'm excited at the prospect of moving. The state hubby might have a job offer in has a VERY affordable housing market. We can get a 3-4 bedroom farmhouse on 2-5 acres of land for LESS than what we paid for our tiny 2-bedroom cottage on half an acre. To have another house to turn into a castle excites me. Hubby's excited at the prospect of having land to stretch out in....perhaps get a horse....start a hobby farm. I'm wondering who we'll meet. What friends we'll make. What church I'll go to.

But, oh, I'll miss my family.

I've been personally feeling the push to leave, though. Whenever I'd think about the daunting addition we planned for our little cottage, I knew it would take a miracle to be able to afford it. As I thought about it, I always felt this thought creep into the back of my mind, "Don't worry about the addition. You're going to move." As the State gets worse and worse, we're finding ourselves with little to no choice. So many things are changing around us, and not for the better.

At one point a few years ago, people talked about the United States being divided into "The United Socialist States of America" and "Jesus Land." There were even political cartoons with maps drawn out to show which states would be included with each nation. We're looking at moving to "Jesus Land" which suits me just fine! I just wish I could pack my entire family in my suitcase and take them with me.


Mimi said...

We moved two states away when my oldest was nearly 2 - it was hard on the family and on us to not have that support system, but it was a great choice for us as a family.

Ginger said...

Not sure where you live, but I understand totally. We live in NY and dh has not been able to find a job. If no job or low paying job by this time next year, we are moving out of state as well.

Amy said...

I hear you about being taxed to death. We would love to move too but who would buy our house. With the market we couldn't sell it for what we bought it for. I know God can do all things. I pray the Lord will bring you a buyer if he wants you to move. As for family. I have lived away from my family for 9 years and its been hard. They have always tried to come see us at least once a year. I'm praying the Lord will move us back to them. I know he will all in His timing.

Merry Christmas! Condgradulations on the early Christmas present. :)

prayzgod said...

Come on out to Oklahoma! We are getting hit the least from the recession, we're in the buckle of the Bible belt, and the state is the most conservative state. It's like a totally different world here! :-P

Aw, come - be my neighbor... As Mr. Rogers said "won't you be my neighbor?" LOL