Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plans and Dream Shifted

I had made so many plans and had so many dreams for 2009 and the coming years. They've all changed. I'm not upset. I'm just taken aback. Everything I scratched down in notebooks and in my mind needs to be tossed out and room made for even bigger plans.

Right now, we're in limbo. We have to wait until after the first of the year.

Candy, I think it would be so cool to be neighbors with you! However, hubby doesn't have a job possibility in Oklahoma, though he does in North Carolina. We just have to see if the company will hire him. The foreman wants hubby to work for him, but it's up the company. The company is a union company. Even though hubby is already in the same union, sometimes they have ridiculous and impossible hoops to jump through.

One thing I am looking forward to if we do move is the massive cleaning and decluttering that'll go on while packing.

Oh, and I have chosen a house already and we hope it's still on the market if hubby does get the job. (And may the Lord bless us with a speedy and generous buyer for our current home.) We can't believe the for the same price we paid for our tiny cottage on half and acre, we can get a bigger house on acreage! I can hardly contain myself thinking about all the land (and longer growing season) to put gardens in. And my daughter would have her own room I could totally girl-out in! We might even be able to afford that horse hubby's been wanting for years!!

Prospects are so exciting, aren't they? And, no, I'm not becoming discontent with our current home and situation, because all this right here, right now is a very obvious blessing from the Lord.

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