Monday, December 29, 2008

Clean Slate

I'm not one to leave Christmas decorations up past the New Year. When Christmas is over, it's over. So, down came the decorations and out went the tree in record time. I got everything neatly packed away, taped up and labeled just in case we move. If we don't, at least I'm all the more organized for next year.

I did lots of cleaning and organizing today. I had to be creative with my exercise program, so I put in the new Sugarland cd and danced with the kiddos for 1/2 an hour.

It feels good to see the house so "open" again. While I enjoyed the coziness of the garlands and the tree and all the little twinkly lights, it's always nice to take everything down. It makes the house look lighter and brighter.

In preggy news, I'm still not sick nor am I feeling pregnant in any way. That's not good news. I'm not going to the doctor because they can't do anything anyway. In my second miscarriage, at 8 weeks an ultrasound showed the baby's heart beating strong. 3 weeks later, she was dead, so seeing a heartbeat isn't ensuring of anything for me. At least not this early. All I can do is wait it out and continue with life as normal.

I am eating a very healthful diet, taking appropriate vitamins and supplements for pregnancy and drinking Bulk Herb Store's Pregnancy Tea.


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I know you from the Beautiful Womanhood message board- I haven't gone there in forever though! Anyways, I am also pregnant with baby number 5 due in August. I lost number 3 to a later miscarriage, and I was sick with that one. I wasn't sick with my second daughter though. I understand how you feel, but every pregnancy is different, so maybe since you are healthier this time around you aren't having symptoms. I didn't at all until last week, when I got a stomach virus, then i had morning sickness for a few days. I started taking a B6 vitamin and I haven't had any sick feelings. Yay!I need to be full strength with three little girls to care for...