Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Ice Baby, Haulin' Kiddos, Exercise

Yep, we're not just snowed in, we're iced in! Thankfully, our power didn't go out and I had a blast plowing the driveway with hubby's 4-wheeler! Everything is all crystal-sparkly! I'd take the kiddos for a walk in the woods, but it's too dangerous. While plowing, several branches fell. When they pop off the trees while covered in ice, it sounds like a gun-shot going off. I didn't flinch the first time because I thought it was a gun-shot. (You know you're a country-gal when gun-shots don't bother you!)

I've had people come up to me and tell me they can't believe I do my errands with my two children in tow. I don't think much of it. They're hardly apart from me! When the pediatrician asked if my daughter has separation anxiety, I couldn't answer because we're not apart. (When we are apart, she's with someone she's very familiar with, like Grandma or Daddy.) I'm just used to it. Sometimes, it is difficult, especially in winter weather or when things take longer than planned. It's also hard because some stores don't have shopping carts suitable for carrying an infant and a toddler and groceries.

As a side note, I just have to say I LOVE Target! I love that they do have shopping carts that'll accomodate kiddos. I love that they have a very large "family bathroom." I love that they have better quality stuff than Walmart for the most part. I love their wider, more unique selection. I love that they don't pipe cheap music and ridiculous commercials through the store. It's nice and quiet. I love that their employees are very well trained, abundant, and have a high morale. They use headsets to communicate with each other rather than blasting through the sound system, "Joe, call on line one!" And I love that they're never as busy as Walmart, so I get through quickly and more peacefully. The store aisles are wider. The shelves are tidy. Things are better organized. And I've NEVER seen boxes piled up and shopping carts blocking things. Sure, they're a little more expensive (their formula is only a penny more than walmart's), but it's so worth the little extra money for the shopping peace.

I've been changing up my work-out routine a little. I'm not doing as much aerobics. I read that aerobic bouncing (step aerobics, etc) can jostling the ligaments around our hips and cause problems in the kegal area. We ladies have rather flexable hips to accomodate childbirth. Heavy aerobics can pull on those ligaments...and that just doesn't sound good to me.

My weight loss is at a complete stand still. While everyone says I look thinner, my weight hasn't budged, nor have my measurements. It is time to amp it up a bit. I've been cutting back on carbs and portion sizes. Yoga helped burn the last bit of baby weight after Bubby was born. I found a yoga segment on my pilates DVD. I love yoga, and am thankful for Denise Austen. She has great yoga but doesn't even hint at the religious part of it. I avoided yoga for years because of the religious part of it. It was hard to find a video that had just the moves.

Oh, by the way, my computer fixed itself somehow. It's slow and clunky, but as you can see, I'm back online.

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Mimi said...

I'm so glad your computer is hanging in there! And, stay safe and warm.