Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Nesting for me usually means re-arranging and purging. Since I can't re-arrange without key pieces of furniture I can't afford right now, I've been purging. Yesterday, I went through Bubby's books and got rid of the highly damaged ones and ones I felt he didn't need. He has so many books already! Today, I went through the DVD's, CD's and VHS tapes and got rid of ones that I aren't watched, listened to, or damaged.

Now, I'm all antsy and I want to purge more. Sometimes the urge gets so strong I have to go online and hit my e-mail boxes and start deleting, or clean out my favorites section, or dump stuff on my hard drive.

We were generously given money for our anniversary and I'm going to ask hubby if he wants to use it to buy wood for various household projects. He needs a hobby bench for his man cave and I could use a closet in the master bedroom as well as two bookcases for the living room. I hope agrees, because this preggy lady needs to nest!!

So, tell does nesting affect you?


Shan said...

I so remember those days of nesting! I wanted everything in my home, straightened, organized, labeled, color-coded, etc.

Hopefully, you will be able to have much needed storage built for your cozy home.

Have a beautiful evening,

Dawn said...

I am not even preggers but I end up doing that alot. Purging. Making more space. And like you sometimes it's just my inbox

It just makes me feel free, the more stuff I eliminate, the better. :-)