Monday, February 11, 2008

Dog Whispering...

I certainly picked a hoot of a time to whisper my dog! I've been watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer and I've read Cesar Millan's book. I know it's what my dog needs, but it being very much winter and me being pregnant and a mother to a toddler makes it very difficult to follow his formula which includes an hour's walk first thing in the morning.

I'm usually exhausted and starving to bother taking a walk before the sun even rises. It's also dangerously cold and my dog is a short-haired dog with exposed paw pads. On top of that, I can't very well leave my sleeping son at home while I wander about the neighborhood with my dog!

Still, I need to follow through somehow. I might just have to ignore it until at least March and then start the process of the walk. In the meantime, I'll work on being pack leader in the house and use February to help organize a routine. Of course, my pregnancy is far more important than my dog getting enough exercise right now. Although, I do agree very much with Cesar Millan's doggy philosphy.

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