Friday, February 29, 2008


Some of my past posts have been in earnest for a set of bookcases for my living room. From what I can tell, these bookcases will not come to be for some time. Priority #1 is that closet in the master bedroom.

So, I'm typing away on the computer and I look to my left and there's a beautiful shelf system that my parents gave me that used to house toys when my siblings and I were children. Now, it's housing sewing stuff: a broken sewing machine, a doll bed, a sewing kit, straw hats, a box of projects, scraps and fabric, sewing supplies, another sewing kit, craft supplies, and tent canvas. It also hands several bags, my clothespin bag, plastic boning and a hair extension! Hmmm...I'm wondering if I can find new homes for this junk and move this shelving unit upstairs to be a double-sided bookcase for the living room!

Time to grab the tape measure and start figuring things out! Still, I'd like to eventually get those bookcases.

Other things I'm considering:

1. When we move the fish to their outdoor pond this Spring, I'm going to ask hubby if we can move the fishtank to the family room we're creating in the basement.

2. I've been wanting a loveseat for the basement family room, but there's no way we could fit one down the stairs. So, I think I'm going to do my clever storage/windowseat treatment downstairs and make an L-shaped couch! Labeled plastic totes, a wood top, some upholstered foam cushions, some cozy throw pillows and a few blankets and I'll be all set!


1. Getting a new slop sink for the basement and making a countertop between it and the washer.

2. That second storey!

In my decluttering news, I'm adding 12 cookbooks to my go-to-Goodwill bags. I wanted to get rid of 15 (1/3 of my collection) but I just couldn't find anymore to get rid of! I do have a fair amount of cooking magazines. I could always start going through them, clipping recipes and adding them to my recipe binder. That'll save space.

I also went through my drawer of winter wraps and got rid of 3 scarves and a pair of gloves.

What else can I get rid of?

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