Thursday, February 07, 2008

Anniversary Prep and Imaginative Recipes

Hubby and I's anniversary is tomorrow. He got me a beautiful locket. I have very little money to spend on him, so with the help of some brainstorming friends, I've decided to make him several small gifts and then buy a few small gifts so they total the number of years we've been married.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
1. Brag Book (printed off pics from the computer and bound them in a brag book)
2. Coupon Book (being pregnant and then dealing with a newborn, it's easy for a wife to lose track of her hubby. These naughty little coupons will help hubby let me know that it's time to pay attention to him. Some are not naughty, but for times when he needs some peace and quiet or some guy-time.)
3. Bubby Bookmark (hubby's been reading a lot lately, but uses whatever's laying around as a bookmark. I'm going to make him a bookmark that shows Bubby from birth to now)
4. His favorite candy
5. A book or magazine he'd like
6. Something else....perhaps a DVD

Basically, the only thing I have to center dinner around tonight is a can of tuna. I also have a pasta salad mix and frozen mixed veg and a can of minced clams. What's a wife to do? I decided on making a pastry dough and lining muffin cups with the dough. Then, I'll make a seafood stuffing with the tuna, clams, seasonings, bread crumbs, and cream cheese and stuff the shells! I'll serve these shells with the pasta salad and steamed mixed veg on the side. Should be yummy!


Mimi said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! Many Years!

Shan said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I think you ideas for gifts are just lovely. You are such a good wife and mother - that is the best gift you can give!!

Take care and have a wonderful day,