Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Love Days Like Today...

I've been super-motivated today and have been cleaning from room to room. It hasn't taken that long, either, although, I still have a couple more rooms to do. The only problem is I forgot hubby wanted me to try and visit his parents today. It's too late now because Bubby will need a nap soon and then it'll be too late in the evening. I'll have to make a promise for next week.

The weather is more like March...rainy and warmer (40's F). I don't mind the mild temperatures. I have a couple windows cracked open. However, it's been so gloomy for so long, I'm looking forward to the cold weather that'll at least bring plenty of sunshine streaming through my windows! Apparently, that's supposed to happen next week.

I'm glad I'm industrious today. I was afraid I'd be anxious and fidgety because tomorrow I find out the baby's gender (hopefully the little one will cooperate). It feels good to finally feel focused and energized.

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