Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Rid of Bob...

I'm seriously considering getting rid of my son's Bob the Builder VHS tapes. It's a cute show, but there's some points that bother me:

1. Bob always talks in a whiny tone.
2. A couple of episodes have out and out lying in them with no consequences.
3. Lofty is a boy crane truck who's very scared and unsure. When everyone else declares "Yes We Can!" he says, "Yeah...I think so." His fears often prevent him from getting the job done right, inconviences others, prevents him from being able to save those in danger, and is just plain annoying. Muck, the girl truck often has to mother him and everyone treats his fears as just a part of him and something to deal with. Frankly, I think this crane truck needs a good chewing out by John Wayne like he did to the stuttering boy in The Cowboys movie. Lofty's babied fears are not only unmasculine, but shows that it's ok to let your fears prevent you from doing your responsibilities.
4. Spud, the scarecrow is always getting into trouble with few consequences. Everyone just kind of accepts that as who he is. They aren't always just pranks, too, but crimes, including stealing and tampering with the federal mail. He also lies.
5. Some episodes have evolution sneaked into them. Now, I know the general worldly belief is evolution, but I'd rather not have evolution planted into my son's head before I have a chance to teach it to him along side Creationism.
6. Silly, phony apologies abound.
7. The machines often whine and beg to get their way and Bob or Wendy smile and say, "Oh, ok."

Now, this may seem like a rather deep analysis of an "innocent" kid's show, but this issues really do bother me at a deep level.


Frazikat said...

Perhaps that is the Holy Spirit giving you a nudge? I went through a huge struggle with some of my contemporary Christian music, and was led to dispose of most of it. That might sound weird to some, but I had no peace until I did what I was led to do.
So, pray, and listen to the Lord. He will guide you!
Kathy F.

Anonymous said...

Some of the reasons you listed were the exact ones as to why I don't buy anymore. The 2 tapes I had were disosed of when we no longer had a VCR to play them.

Sarah said...

I'd never thought about Bob in this way before-- thank you for your insights. Your comments about Lofty made me curious about who you view as a strong role model for little boys?

Julie said...

WOW. I have to admit I have never thought of Bob that way. I will definatly have to pray on that. I find myself having the same thoughts about other shows, music, books..etc that are widely accepted and even deemed cute and innocent.
I agree with the person above who said it might be the Holy Spirit nudging you. Go with your instincts.
Thanks for sharing and giving me something to think about. :)