Saturday, April 15, 2006


I'm unloading 2 ways: Spring cleaning and losing my baby weight.

Spring Cleaning: I can tell this is going to be hard with a newborn. I'm used to doing things when I want to. Now, I have to work around my sweet son. So, rather than keep my expectations high and get it all done at once, I'm going to space out my spring cleaning. Also, some rooms will wait until my brother moves out because they contain baby stuff that'll go in the nursery once it's finished. I'll post my room by room, project by project progress on this blog. :)

Weight Loss: When I got pregnant, I was 130 lbs and attempting to drop a few. When I gave birth, I was 160 lbs. 2 weeks after giving birth, I weighed in at 144 lbs. My goal then was to drop 20 lbs. So far, I've dropped 2! I'm happy because I've been able to go for walks, though it's still too early to start a regular exercise regime. I haven't had my 6 week check-up yet. I do have a weakness, though. I have a horrible sweet tooth for cookies and cakes and pastries now. I'm addicted to Golden Oreos!! I'm also hungry a lot. Probably to keep up with the milk production. So long as I keep my diet balanced and eat regularly, I do well. :)

Now, off to have some lunch.

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Candy said...

I drive myself mad hankering for sweets when I'm nursing. I will give in a bit here and there, but try to substitute fresh fruit and fruit juices as often as you can, instead.

When I nurse, I usually crave dark chocolate - and I HaTe chocolate. :-(

Make sure you take in an adequate amount of caleries, but stick with the fruits for the sweet tooth - trust me on this one. ;-)