Friday, April 28, 2006

Desperate Housewife and more...

I am a desperate housewife. I'm a housewife who's desperate to get her gardens in! Right now, my garden is covered in yard debris that needs to be burned. However, there's been a burn ban. When it rains, by the time the pile is dry, the burn ban is back in place!'s early to get the full garden in, but I could at least start peas and spinach.

Bubby made it healthfully to a month old, and he's made it to his due date! Now I can stop treating him like a preterm and start treating him like a newborn. He's taken to it wonderfully. :) I am eager to get him in his nursery, though.

Speaking of which, my brother will be moving out in a couple of weeks. Hubby and I hate to see him go, but he'll be done with his semester at college. Hubby wishes we could afford to put the second storey on the house now so my brother can move back in August. I wish the same thing, but we simply don't have enough equity in the house yet.

There's a waterfall about a mile away back in the woods from Taigh Beag. You have to take an ATV to get there. Our neighbor took hubby to see it a few times during their ATV treks. I haven't seen it yet and I'm an avid small waterfall lover! (I prefer little waterfalls in woods and mountains to the large Niagara ones). Hubby hasn't taken me to see it because I was pregnant and he didn't think the jostling on the ATV would be good for me. Now, I have our son to take care of. But I did come up with a plan. I'm going to have my sister babysit sometime and have my husband take me to the waterfall. Maybe I'll even pack a lunch so we can have a little date. :)

Oh, and I've employed a new method! On Sundays (that's when we get the weekly ads and coupons), I plan the dinner menu for the week and make out my grocery list. On Mondays, I grocery shop in the morning and in the afternoon when my son is asleep, I cook all the meals and stash them away. You see, my son is still a little unpredictable and is sometimes awake when it's time to cook dinner. This way, even if he is awake, all I have to do is heat dinner up. Also, this eliminates daily stress on cooking from scratch and saves me time in prep and clean up! It's worked out so well this week! Plus, it's fun pouring over recipes and cookbooks on Sunday afternoons.



Mrs.B. said...

"Bubby made it healthfully to a month old, and he's made it to his due date! Now I can stop treating him like a preterm and start treating him like a newborn"

I was wondering what you do differently with a preterm baby verses a newborn?

Kate said...

This "treating differently" has to do with the EASY routine I'm following from Tracy Hogg's book The Baby Whisperer. She suggests that if a baby is preterm, let them eat and sleep on demand and don't really bother with a playtime because they need their rest to grow. Once they make it to their due date, then you can really start working on the EASY routine.